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iconparadise's Journal

Ì¢ðñ þåråÐï§ê
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WeLcOmE tO IcOn PaRaDisE!! This site is for icon lovers;icons...palettes...layouts...banners...spoilers (see #2)...and colorbars


1)Here at Icon Paradise...we like to keep it simple. You can trade icons...palettes...layouts...banners...spoilers (see #2)...and colorbars

2)If you have a spoiler for any show please email me at gcbabe8@hotmail.com and ask me if you can use it...it's annoying to ruin a show for me and for your fellow iconparadiser's!

3)NO NUDIES! Boys kissing and girls kissing are acceptable...but no nude icons...spoilers...banners..blends...layouts...or colorbars...swearing is allowed

4)plz dont type lek dis. even if u think its qckr. its difficult 2 read and irritating. Capitalization and grammar are your friends. ALSO DON'T USE ALL CAPITALS. IT LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE YELLING!!

5)Please dont post Join_Communities signs unless its for this

6)We also make glitter names such as this one:

all you have to do is request a name when you post and ill get it to you ASAP

7)I also make text converts...such as this one
Icon Paradise:Ì¢ðñ þåråÐï§ê
just request a saying, name or a quote and ill convert it right away and you'll get it back that day...guranteed

8)When you are a memeber to my community...please post comments and post icons and all of the above. please dont wait until i post something so you can just steal it. you will be band if i see you're on the members list but havent commented or posted

9)here are some join iconparadise signs...they arent links...but if you're willing to make some post them onto iconparadise.

Thanks for your contributions!!

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